33 Game-Changing Amazon Products You’re Going to Be Obsessed With

Sometimes a little Amazon shopping spree is just what the doctor ordered, right? Whether it’s a new pair of sheets, a pizza cutter, or even a neck warmer, a new gadget can really make your day! And with summer just around the corner, we’re all looking for new products to give us a fresh start.

I just rounded up my favorite Amazon products that I can’t get enough of. The best part? Everything is under $35! I’m literally obsessed with them and I know you will be, too.

Sweet Dreams

Cozy Up and Rest with this Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic View on Amazon

The shredded foam conforms to your body shape, promoting alignment for your legs, back, and hips and the extra-breathable cover will keep you cool on even the hottest summer nights.


Make Your Counters Glisten with These Reusable Swedish Dish Towels

Swedish Wholesale View on Amazon

These towels come in a 10-pack, and they’re reusable and absorbent. They come in eight colors (including pink, purple and lime!) and work for scrubbing or drying dishes, cups, mugs, sinks, tubs, and showers.

Sweet Dreams

Your Head Will Feel Like It’s Resting on a Cloud with these Cooling, Luxury Gel Bed Pillows

Beckham Luxury Linens View on Amazon

Encased in a 250-thread count cover and filled with a soft down alternative. They provide support without losing their shape and implement cooling technology to regulate temperature.

Smells Great

This Odor Spray Eliminates Even the Toughest Smells

ANGRY ORANGE View on Amazon

This dog and odor spray will take down any odor — whether from a litter box, your new puppy testing out the rug, or even a kitchen trash can. It’s made with natural orange oil, is safe and animal-friendly, and smells AMAZING.

Zap Zap

Bugs Will Disappear with East with the Katchy Indoor Insect Trap

KATCHY View on Amazon

Have you ever seen such a subtle and stylish fruit fly, gnat and mosquito trap? Through a UV light, fan, and glue, it really makes it simple to keep your home bug free! It’s a great purchase, especially with summer just around the corner.

Organizational Must-Have

These Food Storage Containers Will Elevate Your Pantry In No Time

FineDine View on Amazon

The containers are perfectly stackable, great for saving space and organize your pantry They can tolerate extreme temperature, so you can safely freeze leftovers, microwave it, and then put the containers through the dishwasher.

Best Seller

Charge All of Your Devices at Once with the Charging Station for Multiple Devices

Hercules Tuff View on Amazon

If you have a big family or just a lot of devices, this charging station is a game-changer. It’s not just for iPhones but anything with a USB port. It’s also a great gift for the person who always has low battery — we all know one.

Works Wonders

This Weighted Neck Warmer Wrap Gives Your Neck the Relief it Deserves

TheraPAQ View on Amazon

It’s unscented, microwavable and weighted, making it easy to use and versalite. Use it as a cold wrap by putting it in the freezer, or as a microwave heating pad for heated relief!

Want a Pizza This?

Your Pizza Will Look Professionally Sliced with the Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter

Checkered Chef Store View on Amazon

Get the perfect pizza slice every time with this pizza cutter. You can also use it as a vegetable slicer, a brownie cutter, an herb chopper, and everything in between! Just pop it in the dishwasher for a no fuss clean up.

Light It Up

Lighting Candles is Easier than Ever with the USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter

Power Practical Store View on Amazon

I prefer using this lighter to any other standard lighter because it’s a total game changer! It’s rechargeable so I never have to throw it away. Use it for camping, lighting your fireplace, candles and so much more!

Like the Chrysler Building

Your Car will be Spotless with this Car Vacuum Cleaner

ThisWorx View on Amazon

The ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner is portable, easy to store, and gets all the hard to reach spots like underneath seats and in crevices. And, the LED light is a lifesaver at night or in the shadows under seats.


These Plantar Fasciitis Relief Socks Are Totally Worth the Hype

Bitly View on Amazon

These provide amazing arch support by using compression to apply pressure to the center of your feet, even if you don’t have plantar fasciitis. Also, they come in five awesome colors — pink, gray, tan, black and white!

Can’t Live Without

Keep Your Home Free From Hair and Lint with This Pet Hair Remover

ChomChom Roller View on Amazon

The ChomChom lint roller works seamlessly to remove all signs of pet hair. It’s reusable and so easy to use! Simply roll the lint remover tool back and forth to trap fur and lint into the receptacle, then remove when finished.

Best of the Best

Your Couch Will Look Good as New with this Cat Scratch Deterrent

Stelucca Amazing Shields View on Amazon

These easy to install, simple to use cat scratch pads discourage furry friends from marking furniture while safeguarding fabric upholstery. It comes with six scratch resistant sheets and adheres to a variety of fabrics.

Life Hack

Never Struggle to Open a Jar Again with this Under Cabinet Jar Lid & Bottle Opener

EZ Off View on Amazon

EZ Off is the life hack you never knew you needed — it will grab hold of any lid like a jar of pickles or bottle of water, whether it’s factory sealed, child proof, tamper- proof or just stuck from what’s inside the jar. It’s SO easy to install too!

Hotel Quality

Have the Best Sleep of Your Life with these Linen Sheets

Danjor Linens View on Amazon

This ultra-soft microfiber bed set will make you feel like you’re laying in the lap of luxury. Built for year-round relaxation, they’re moisture-resistant and designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Beauty Queen

Your Hair Will Feel SO Soft After Using This Hair Serum

Hussell View on Amazon

All hair types will feel soft and smell good after using this hair treatment serum with argan oil, avocado, macadamia nut oils, vit. A, C, E, and Pro-Vit. B5. Unlike other products, it doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy and weighed down.

Genius Idea

Keep Your Car Organized with this Multi-Compartment Automotive SUV Car Organizer


This versatile, collapsible organizer is engineered to keep items from rolling around in your trunk. With first of its kind steel tipped tie-down straps that latch almost anywhere, it fits securely in your vehicle anywhere you need it.

Mix It Up

Save SO Much Space with These Mixing Bowl Set For Cooking, Baking and Food Storage

FineDine View on Amazon

This mixing bowl set is great for kitchen storage and cooking needs! The stainless steel interior and plastic exterior gives it a no-slip bottom and elevated finish. It comes with a lid for the serving bowl and is dishwasher safe.

Shining Bright

Light up the Night with this GearLight LED Flashlight Pack

GearLight View on Amazon

These are the perfect nighttime companion to walk my dog, or when I’m headed out on a camping trip. They light up an entire room and the narrow beam makes the perfect all-around flashlight for everyday use, too!


Your Bottles Will Sparkle After Using This Microfiber Bottle Brush Cleaner

Turbo Microfiber View on Amazon

No more shoving the sponge into water bottles! This BPA-free bottle cleaning brush set is designed to give any water bottle, drinking glass, tumbler, wine decanter, and even the kitchen sink a good old scrub without the hassle.

Climate Pledge Friendly

Keep Baby Clothes Good as New With This All-Star Stain Remover

Emergency Stain Rescue View on Amazon

This is the best way to remove those tough stains from your baby’s brand new outfit! This lightning fast, commercial grade formula is the perfect spot remover for clothes, bibs, carpets, auto, furniture, upholstery and more.

Everyday Essential

Keep Your Nails Pampered AF with these Stainless-Steel Nail Clippers

Harperton View on Amazon

Even if you have the thickest ingrown nails, these clippers will make them look as good as new. And, with their convenient, portable pouch, you can literally take them on the go or gift them to a friend who needs it!

Spa Night

This Bath Pillow will Turn Your Bathtub into a Spa in Three Seconds

Bath Haven View on Amazon

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath with your head resting on this pillow. Plus, the headrest has extra strong suction cups to keep your spa pillow securely fixed onto the back of your tub.


Checking if Dinner is Ready Has Never Been Easier with this Digital Meat Thermometer

KIZEN View on Amazon

This thermometer is so quick, it only takes seconds before digitally displaying the temperature of your meat — long gone are the days of overdone or undercooked food. You’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it!

Spice Up Your Life

The Perfect Salt and Pepper Shakers Set to Spice Up Your Kitchen

Modetro View on Amazon

Not only is this salt and pepper set sleek and aesthetic, but it’s also life-changing! The ceramic grinder inside the shaker lets you decide how fine or course you’d like your spices to be. Hello flaky salt!

Organization Station

Increase Space With This Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

Woffit View on Amazon

I can fit up to 20 pairs of shoes in the under bed shoe organizer. Woffit is made with the thickest kind of non-woven fabric ensuring extra durability and protection. Plus, strong zippers make opening and closing smooth and easy.

Squeaky Clean

Melt Your Calluses Away with the Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask

Soft Touch View on Amazon

So easy to use— just peel, leave on for 60 minutes, sit back, and watch as your feet start to peel within a week or two, leaving you with super soft, callus-free feet like a baby’s!

Space-Saving Hack

Organize Your Snacks, Toiletries, and More with this Over The Door Organizer

ZOBER View on Amazon

This over the door hanger is seriously so versatile and helpful for small spaces. Organize spices, snacks, toiletries, cleaning supplies, or anything else really. It has 24 pockets and three adjustable and easy to use stainless-steel hooks.

Chef’s Kiss

This Mineral Oil is a Life Saving Hack for The Kitchen

Thirteen Chefs View on Amazon

I like to use this mineral oil for restoring and protecting everything from cutting boards to knives to kitchen appliances. It comes with a push-applicator cap and squeeze-bottle design that makes maintenance a breeze.

Sleek and Functional

Your Clothing Will Never Fall off These Premium Velvet Hangers

ZOBER View on Amazon

These prevent my clothing from falling off hangers and truly create an elevated, organized look in my closet. Plus, they can hold up to 10 lbs so even my heaviest coasts won’t break the hanger. Win-win.


Keep Your Phone Safe and Stylish with this Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap

Gear Beast View on Amazon

Use this to keep your phone secure and accessible at all times. It is definitely the perfect solution for sports fans, concert goers, teachers, students, hikers, seniors, travelers or really anyone who wants easy access to their cell phone!

Major Upgrade

Elevate Your Bed Frame Aesthetic with this 100% Microfiber Bed Skirt

HC Collection View on Amazon

Sleek and stylish, the pleated corners create a sophisticated and clean look to complete the design of your bedroom. If you don’t have a bed skirt yet, take this as your sign to get one — it will truly change your whole room!

Write Right

Keep Your Thoughts Organized with Papercode Lined Journal Notebooks

Papercode View on Amazon

With this, you can document your thoughts and ideas on a daily basis, jot down to do lists, and more. Each one includes an inner pocket folder, two ribbon bookmarks, and 130 easy-tear perforated pages.

You’re Going to Love This

We’re Obsessed With This Bib Apron as Seen on Shark Tank

BEARD KING View on Amazon

The is a major life hack for men who shave and hate the mess. Just put on the bib, shave away, and dispose of the hair into the trash. It’s easy to store and easy to use through powerful mirror suction cups and a neck collar.

Massage Therapist Recommended

Align Your Spine With This Cushy Form Neck Roll Pillow

Cushy Form View on Amazon

Not too firm, not too soft, and provides support that can ease neck, spine, knee, or back discomfort. It’s even small enough to travel with! Use it for lumbar support at your desk, or place it under your knees while laying down.

Spa Day Essential

This Face Mask Instantly Depuffs and Brightens Your Skin

Perfecore View on Amazon

Create a spa at home by placing the ice pack in the fridge, and when you need a refresh, apply it to your face and instantly feel the radiant glow. You can say goodbye to a puffy face and say hello to hydration!

Life Hack

Declutter Your Life with these Space Saving 5-Tier Metal Hangers

ZOBER View on Amazon

If you’re low on space, this product is for you. They come with clips that you can hang up to five skirts, pants, jeans, or shorts on each hanger, helping you declutter and save much-needed closet space.

Great for Gamers

Prevent Eye Strain and Game Better with the Exerscribe Bluelight Gaming Glasses

Exerscribe View on Amazon

Say goodbye to eye strain and tension headaches. The perfect balance between function and fashion, these blue blocking glasses feature sturdy, stylish frames, scratch-resistant lenses and a durable case.

Best in Outdoor Gear

Relax in the Sun with the Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Hanging Kit

Wise Owl View on Amazon

With summer just around the corner, there is no better way to relax outside than in a hammock! This is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who just needs to kick back and enjoy the great outdoors for a bit.

Can’t Live Without

A Waterproof Mattress Protector is the Bed Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed

SafeRest View on Amazon

Protect yourself from spills, damage, bugs, dirt and more! If you or your kids have allergens, it can be especially helpful. My mattress still looks good as new with the SafeRest cover to protect it!

Internet Sensation

Test Out Your Barista Skills with the Electric Milk Frother

Cafe Casa View on Amazon

Forget costly trips to the local cafe — with this milk foamer, you can be your very own barista! Plus, once you’ve blended your beverage, this latte frother easily stores away on its sleek and sturdy stand.

Essential Item

This Bath Mat is Like Stepping Onto a Cloud and We Can’t Get Enough

Genteele View on Amazon

This luxury bath mat not only elevates your bathroom, but will make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud every time you step out of the shower! Plus, it comes in so many colors — blue, gray, red, purpose, turquoise — you name it.

Style Hack

Never Lose Your Phone Again with this Universal Cell Phone Neck Lanyard

Gear Beast View on Amazon

If you also always drop your phone, get this! Not only can it hold a phone, but also credit cards, cash, or IDs. It’s the perfect balance between function and fashion, and is available in multiple colors and patterns.

Five-Star Cooking

Glaze Your Salmon Like a Pro with Silicone Pastry Brush for Cooking

M KITCHEN WORLD View on Amazon

This pastry brush makes saucing, icing and basting so easy. The silicone creates even strokes and keeps fibers from getting stuck in your food. Designed with a soft, ergonomic handle, this is an ideal tool.

Grandma’s Favorite

You’ll Want to Crochet Yourself a Hat with these BeCraftee Crochet Hooks Kit

BeCraftee View on Amazon

You’ll have so much fun that your projects will be completed in no time. Perfect for adults and kids, each long, aluminum crochet hook has a smooth and tapered tip to keep yarn in place and prevent slipping or snagging.


Endlessly Decorate Windows and Cars with these Chalk Markers

MMFB Arts & Crafts View on Amazon

Perfect for writing a snappy message on windows, cars, blackboards, glass or posters. The markers come in a vibrant variety of colors for endless creativity and each set comes with 10 washable chalkboard markers and 45 labels.

Perfect for Bookworms

Finally Finish that Thriller Novel with NiteOwl Book Night Lights

GearLight View on Amazon

Clip-on book lights provide light that’s customized to where you sit. With three settings to choose from, it’s designed to cast just the right amount of light on a page while still being narrow enough to not disturb others.

Sparks Joy

Tuck All Your Mess Away with Underbed Storage Bag Organizer

ZOBER View on Amazon

Underbed storage bag organizers are the perfect opportunity to stay organized. Reduce clutter and discreetly store items under the bed and in out-of-sight places. Zip shut linens, clothes and shoes for secure storage.

R&R Time

These 24K Gold Eye Mask Will Have You So Relaxed Because You Deserve It

DERMORA View on Amazon

Wear these easy to apply under eye masks for 10-15 minutes to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Simply peel off the backing paper and apply to dry skin. Keep the masks in the refrigerator for the ultimate reset.

Innovative Award

Your Life will be Organized AF with the Find It File Folder Notepad

Find It View on Amazon

A mix between a notebook and a file folder will save you. Use these manila file folders to track progress, organize notes, or categorize files. They also make a great document folder for receipts, records and recipes!

Triple Insulated Technology

Upgrade Your Emotional Support Water to this Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

FineDine View on Amazon

This bottle comes in a range of adorable colors, and will keep beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to two. It’s leakproof and shatterproof, making it the perfect choice for rough-and-tumble use. You’ll love it!

TV Dinner

Use this TV Tray Table for the Perfect Dinner and a Movie Night

TableMate View on Amazon

This tray table makes it so easy to eat dinner and watch a movie at the same time. Since it can hold up to 40lbs, it can be used as a laptop desk, bedside tray, couch table, and more. It’s super easy to fold and store.

Can’t Get Enough

Fix Your Circadian Rhythm with the Light Therapy Lamp

Circadian Optics View on Amazon

This light is seriously a game changer if you aren’t getting a lot of sunlight or want a magical glow in your room at night. The light therapy lamp is designed to mimic the colors of daylight, thus helping you soak in some rays.

Pamper Yourself

Your Eyebrows will Love these Painless and Easy-to-Use Tweezers

Tweezer Guru View on Amazon

These are my favorite tweezers! They’re stainless steel and come in so many great colors — blue, pink, yellow, green, purple and more. Easy to use and take on the go for touchups and more.

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