31 Amazon Products to Upgrade Your Kitchen

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen, so it’s only natural to crave some upgrades here and there.

The good news? Elevating your kitchen doesn’t have to require thousands of dollars — not to mention a major headache.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of products guaranteed to upgrade the way you cook, serve and entertain. From everyday staples and awesome gadgets to the products you never knew you needed – take a scroll, and see what you find.

Perfect for Home Chefs

This Pasta Maker Will Make Store-Bought Pasta Unnecessary

Nuvantee View on Amazon

Whether you’ve just stumbled into #pastatok or you’re an experienced home chef – the Nuvantee Pasta Maker is easy to use, comes with a removable table clamp, and with adjustable thicknesses.

For Your Bar Area

This Wine Decanter Makes Every Bottle Taste Better (It’s Science!)

HiCoup Kitchenware View on Amazon

Whether you’re making a statement at the dinner table or looking for a pitcher that adds flair to brunch – this artsy wine decanter is the perfect option. The crystal glass decanter’s U-shape perfectly aerates.

A Kitchen Table Staple

Get Rid of Your Cardboard Salt and Pepper Shakers

Willow & Everett View on Amazon

When it comes to the stuff you use every day, quality makes a difference! Not only do they look good, but 3 pouring options, an airtight lid and easy cleaning make them a fast family favorite.

For Sore Feet & Hard Floors

This Anti-Fatigue Mat Makes Doing the Dishes Feel Like Standing on a Cloud

Sky Solutions View on Amazon

These anti-fatigue mats will feel like a vacation for your feet (even if you’re just doing the dishes). They’re easy to clean with a quick wipe-down, and their numerous colors and patterns offer an option for every home.

A Must-Have for Entertainers

Calling this Kitchen Hero a “Cutting Board” is Doing it a Disservice

Thirteen Chefs View on Amazon

This is the multi-purpose essential every kitchen needs. At one-and-a-half inches thick and over seven pounds, it has the perfect amount of heft. The front lip acts as a brace against your counter for added stability.

Perfect For Everyday Coffee Lovers

The Pour Over Coffee Maker that Puts Your Drip Coffee Machine to Shame

Coffee Gator View on Amazon

Coffee Gator makes clearing out old countertop appliances and disposable filters an easy decision with their 5-6 cup pour-over maker. The laser-cut stainless steel protects flavor and eases cleaning.

Internet Favorite

Your Guests Will Steal This Wine Opener (So Maybe Buy Two)

HiCoup Kitchenware View on Amazon

Give you’re at home bottles the same treatment a fancy wine bar would. You’ll love the heft of HiCoup’s wine opener, and with finishes like natural rosewood, you won’t be surprised when it ends up “missing” after a party.

Great for Coffee Lovers

Make Your Kitchen a Coffee Shop With a High-Quality Espresso Maker

bonVIVO View on Amazon

Bring the coffee shop home with bonVIVO’s Intenca stovetop espresso maker. It’s completely stainless steel, available in multiple colors for every kitchen and compact enough to be stored easily in a cabinet.

Internet Favorite

Upgrade Every Cup of Coffee with the Perfect Frother

Cafe Casa View on Amazon

Whether you’re frothing up milk for morning coffee a boost or making whipped cream, you’ll want to keep this nearby. In 15 seconds, it whips up the perfect froth and its stainless steel finish ensures it’s made to last.

A Must for Foodies

The One Manual Juicer to Rule Them All

ARK Reamer View on Amazon

Whether you’ve felt let down by a complicated juicer or don’t have one yet – this manual juicer is a must-have. It is designed to juice with minimal effort, and the measuring lines and spout make it perfect for recipes.

A Great Gift Idea

Add a Little Class to Your Bar Cart

Modern Mixology View on Amazon

With heavy-duty stainless steel construction, beautiful finishes and all the tools you need – this makes home cocktails easy, clean and convenient. New to mixology? The included recipe cards provide the perfect start.

A Family Essential

Keep Track of Your Chargers With the Ultimate Charging Station

Hercules Tuff View on Amazon

This charging station for multiple devices is compatible with cell phones, smartphones, tablets and more. You’ll never have to scour your home for a charger again. This ships with USB Type-A plugs for Apple devices.

For Kitchen Organization

The Best China Storage Containers for Priceless Dishware

Woffit View on Amazon

Whether you’ve inherited china or you’re just struggling to free-up cupboard space, Woffit organizers are the perfect answer. Keep everything safe and in one place with padded cases that perfectly store plates, cups and more.

Every Kitchen Needs One

Evict Stinky, Musty Sponges from Your Sink with the Perfect Sponge Holder

Home Acre Designs View on Amazon

This sponge holder for your sink is the perfect place to start organizing. Eliminate the wet, smelly sponges for good with a delightful accent you’ll be glad you purchased every time you do the dishes.

Internet Favorite

Enjoy a Better Brew with the Ultimate Coffee Storage Container

Coffee Gator View on Amazon

Every coffee lover knows: the fresher the grind – the better the cup. This container is the perfect addition to the cupboard. An air-tight seal and a freshness tracker on the lid ensure beans and coffee stay roaster-fresh.

Every Kitchen Needs One

Upgrade Your Sink Area with a Farmhouse Soap Dispenser

Home Acre Designs View on Amazon

Bring functional style to hand-washing with a farmhouse soap dispenser. You need to wash your hands, you want your kitchen to look magazine-worthy, and this fantastic soap dispenser can help.

Bring the Coffeeshop Home

Your Pour-Over Coffee Yearns for this Gooseneck Kettle

Coffee Gator View on Amazon

Perfect pour-over requires the right temperature, so it’s time to simply and attach a thermometer to the kettle. This combines a thermometer, precision flow spout and ergonomic handle in beautiful stainless steel.

A Cocktail Essential

Wooden Toothpicks Are So 1869. Garnish with Class Using These Metal Toothpicks

Mixology & Craft View on Amazon

These metal cocktail toothpicks add an elegant and eco-friendly touch to your favorite creations. Commercial grade stainless steel makes them dishwasher safe, so you never have to worry about dulling their shine.

A Kitchen Essential

Every Kitchen Needs a Digital Kitchen Scale, and This One Has it All

Coffee Gator View on Amazon

This digital kitchen scale packs a ton of great features into a durable, convenient and affordable package. The non-slip rubber mat and feet prevent spills, while the large, bright LCD makes every reading unmistakable.

Internet Favorite

Look Like You Know Your Whiskey (Even When You Don’t)

Mixology & Craft View on Amazon

Too many whiskey glasses are boring, cheap and brittle. That’s not the case with these impeccable glasses by Mixology & Craft. They’re great for scotch, bourbon, cognac and your favorite lowball cocktails.

Perfect for Any Table

Upgrade Your Life with a Steel Butter Dish

Home Acre Designs View on Amazon

A simple, elegant and virtually indestructible countertop must-have. With a deep design, you can be positive that butter won’t stick to the lid. And its vintage farmhouse look fits well in just about any kitchen.

For Every Home Cook

This Handy Meat Thermometer Makes Even The Pickiest Eaters Happy

KIZEN View on Amazon

Sure, you can poke, prod and cut open your meat to check for doneness, but why not do it like the pros and worry less? Kizen’s instant-read meat thermometer makes perfect meat an inevitability.

Every Kitchen Needs One

Your Kitchen Deserves Better than a Loose Pile of Napkins

Home Acres View on Amazon

No more wasting paper towels or searching for napkins. With this rustic napkin holder, you’ll always know where a napkin is. Its powder-coated finish makes it rust-resistant and ready for years of service inside or outside.

Internet Favorite

The Cold Brew Maker Coffee Fiends Can’t Live Without

Coffee Gator View on Amazon

Ditch the daily expensive coffee shop run. This fits perfectly in your refrigerator. Just add ground coffee and cold water, then wait! Its strong, glass carafe and durable leak-proof lid make it easy to clean.

Perfect for Home Bartenders

Never Be Disappointed by a Flat Bottle of Soda Water

Nuvantee View on Amazon

Whether you’re addicted to sparkling water and the cans are piling up, or you love to make a fresh cocktail – this soda maker by Nuvantee is an awesome addition to your kitchen.

Great for Entertaining

Make Weekly Wine and Cheese Night Mandatory with a Rustic Wood Serving Platter

Thirteen Chefs View on Amazon

When you have a rustic wood serving platter this beautiful, you’ll find every opportunity you can to put it to use. What better way to enjoy your favorite snacks and hors d’Oeuvres in the comfort of home?

Internet Favorite

Every Kitchen Needs a Lighter – Make it the Last Lighter You’ll Ever Buy

Power Practical View on Amazon

This little plasma powerhouse is the only lighter you’ll ever need again. The ability to recharge it ensures you’ll never reach into your “miscellaneous drawer” for a dead lighter ever again.

Salad Anyone?

Put Your Plain Old Tongs to Shame with a Gorgeous Salad Serving Set

Thirteen Chefs View on Amazon

Imagine your newly upgraded kitchen on its first dinner party You made a beautiful salad, but you forgot serving utensils. Fortunately, Thirteen Chefs has you covered with this lovely olive wood serving set.

Any Tea Drinker’s Dream

Love Tea but Hate the Waste of Teabags? You Need This Teapot Infuser

Willow & Everett View on Amazon

Not only is this large enough to brew 3-4 cups, but the included cozy also keeps tea warm for longer. You can even microwave the water right inside the teapot, just remove the stainless steel lid and infuser first.

For Home Chefs

Take Your Dinner Service Up a Notch With Professional Plating Tools

Nuvantee View on Amazon

Add refined elegance to your next dinner party with Nuvantee’s 8-piece culinary plating set. No matter what you’re serving, these plating spoons and tongs make every dish picture perfect.

A Kitchen Essential

Make Even Your Worst Concoctions Look Good with the Perfect Swing Top Glass Bottles

Otis Classic View on Amazon

Whether you brew beer or infuse oil, you want a sturdy and attractive bottle to store and present your creations. For that, Otis Classic has you covered with fantastic swing-top glass bottles available in clear or amber.

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