20 Amazon Products That Will Make Your Kitchen Luxurious

Spending a lot of time and making a delicious meal at home can certainly be a labor of love — and to do so, you’ll want to make sure you have the kitchen tools and accessories that are not only functional, but beautiful.

Whether you’re outfitting your first apartment, or updating the kitchen you’ve been cooking in for years, these twenty simple, ultra-luxe products are just what you need to add a touch of upscale design to your kitchen (without setting your bank account on fire).

Barista Level

Make Hot Coffee Cooler With This Sleek, Stainless Steel Moka Pot

bonVIVO View on Amazon

This combines German engineering and an ultra-modern aesthetic with a classic Italian-style coffee maker. It comes in three classy colors that’ll match any decor, and will be a striking presence on your stovetop.

Party Time

Make Your Charcuterie Pop Atop a Beautiful Marvel Serving Board

Thirteen Chefs View on Amazon

So what if you have no talent for arranging charcuterie? No one will notice! They’ll be too busy staring at your new serving board to realize your prosciutto is muddled with the soppressata.

Shining Bright

Turn Cooking Into Happy Time With This Chic Light

Circadian Optics View on Amazon

If your ceiling lights are a bummer, add the Circadian Optics Leo Sun Light to your countertop. This stylish lamp adds a touch of class, while also dousing your seasonal affective disorder in UV-free, full spectrum light.

Organization Station

A Fridge Organizer is the Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed

Simply Gourmet View on Amazon

These can straighten out even the most chaotic fridge. Bonus: they’ll also contain spills and leaks so you don’t have to pry the shelves out of your fridge and awkwardly wash them in your too small sink.

Sweet Tooth

Whip Up a Party and Some Delicious Desserts With a Whipped Cream Dispenser

Otis Classic View on Amazon

With this, you can top desserts, fill pastries and even infuse cocktails. Then sit back and watch all of your guests’ compliments roll in — we have a feeling they’ll want to get one for themselves.

Tea for Two

Brew Up Some Relaxation With a Tea Infuser

bonVIVO View on Amazon

We’ve got another statement piece to keep you caffeinated, or help you relax. The stainless steel infuser won’t alter the flavor of your tea, but the beautiful glass body and copper-finished lid will turn heads at tea time.

Give Your Feet a Break

An Anti-Fatigue Mat Will Help You Cook on Cloud Nine

Sky Solutions View on Amazon

Make your time in the kitchen easier on your feet. This extra thick mat grants your getaway sticks some relief, and comes in about a zillion brilliant colors and patterns that’ll add some pop to your kitchen floor.

Upgrade Your Cocktail Game

Mix Up Some Magic and Killer Cocktails

Mixology & Craft View on Amazon

Start hosting with this exceptional bar tool set from Mixology & Craft. It’s got everything you need to craft pro-level cocktails, all gathered together in a presentation-ready stand.

Too Cute

Add a Little Farm to Your Table

Home Acre Designs View on Amazon

Not into the ultra-modern aesthetic of some of these other items? Home Acre Designs offers these cute kitchen storage containers in the classic, hand-painted farmhouse style.

Measure Up

Precision Never Looked So Good With These Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

Simply Gourmet View on Amazon

The traditional look of this full set of measuring cups evokes the comfort of grandma’s house, with hanging loops for easy storage solutions, and embossed measurements that’ll never wear off.

Set the Mood

Light Up Your Life With a LED Backlight Strip

Luminoodle View on Amazon

This can backlight your TV, sure, but why limit yourself? The sticky-backed Luminoodle can be attached anywhere to create on demand task lighting, or turn your ultra-bright kitchen into a mood-lit hangout spot.

Great Coffee Made Easy

Get Hype in Style

Coffee Gator View on Amazon

This paperless coffee maker is more than just beautiful. The laser cut stainless filter delivers the full flavor of your favorite bean, while the tough, glass flask holds more than enough to keep you going all day long.

Great Taste Never Looked So Good

Add Some Flavor to Your Day

Willow & Everett View on Amazon

No dining room table is complete without a nice set of spice grinders, and Willow & Everett have you covered with elegance. These Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper grinders make every meal gourmet with freshly ground spices.

Squeaky Clean

Keep Your Coffee Fresh and Clean With Coffee Cannisters

Coffee Gator View on Amazon

Not only do these canisters look amazing on any countertop, they come with a date wheel so you can track freshness, and a CO2 release valve that helps beans or grounds stay fresher longer.

Aw, Shucks

An Oyster Shucking Kit You’ll Never Get Tired of Using

HiCoup View on Amazon

Whether you’re trying to impress a date with your mastery of one of nature’s sexiest foods, or just shucking like mad to provide fancy apps for a whole party, this kit is the perfect addition to your utensil drawer.

Bottoms Up

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Cocktail

Nuvantee View on Amazon

Big enough to juice an orange and nonreactive stainless steel, this will give you the purest juice. Whether you’re in the market for a new juicer, or — let’s be real — yours could probably use a bit of an upgrade, this will do the trick.

Matcha Love

Prepare the Perfect Cup of Matcha for a Perfect Day

Kiss Me Organics View on Amazon

If you’re switching to matcha for caffeine, you need a good whisk. This set is made of traditional golden bamboo, and gives you all of the tools to mix and enjoy a perfectly smooth and satisfying cup of matcha.

Light It Up

Set the Mood With Hand-Poured Candles

Melt Candle Company View on Amazon

Hand-poured candles are the perfect addition to any room. Their classic look can turn any meal into a intimate experience, or just enhance the ambiance in your home while curling up with a good book after you eat.

You’ll Love It

Make a Statement With Your Spoons

Thirteen Chefs View on Amazon

This set of 5 Utensils from Thirteen Chefs is the ultimate upgrade to a classic tool set. Each is made from a single, beautifully handcrafted piece of olive wood. They feel as good in your hands and look in your utensil holder.

Server’s BFF

You’ll Never Use Another Wine Opener Again

HiCoup View on Amazon

There are a lot of ways to open a bottle of wine, but nothing beats a classic. Small and light enough to slip into a shirt pocket, this handy tool still includes everything you need, in a lovely package.

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