10 Products that Will Help Bring the Relaxing Atmosphere of a Coffee Shop to Your Home

The world is beginning to open itself up again. People are moving back into the office, and kids are starting to go back into school full-time. After the last couple of years, “back to normal” might seem both relieving and daunting at the same time. 

While it’s totally understandable that you might be wrestling with so many feelings that you’re wondering how they all exist at the same time, one thing is for sure: now more than ever, it’s important to focus on your self-care. 

After a long day, sometimes self-care starts with a cup of well-deserved coffee. To get you started, we pulled a handful of our favorite products that can help turn any home into a coffee shop. So put up your feet, reach for a fresh-brewed cup of coffee, relax and unwind.

Simply Delicious

This Espresso Machine Makes Recreating Your Favorite Drinks Easy

Coffee Gator View on Amazon

With the Espresso Machine by Coffee Gator, you can make your favorites at home with a couple pushes of a button. Make espresso and froth up your milk of choice for a quick pick-me-up at the end of the day.

Take It Drip by Drip

The Slow Pour to Your Fast Day

Coffee Gator View on Amazon

Sometimes, you want to take it slow and steady by appreciating the flavors and aromas that brew over time. If you want to appreciate the craft of creating coffee, turn to this Pour Over Coffee Maker by Coffee Gator.

Bye-bye Staleness

This Canister Will Keep your Coffee Beans Fresher for Longer

Coffee Gator View on Amazon

Worse than not having coffee is finding out your coffee has gone stale. Keep your beans brew-ready by keeping them in this stainless steel canister. It has a CO2 release valve and features a date tracker for peak freshness.

Coffee-On-the-Go’s New BFF

Make Coffee Wherever You Rest

Coffee Gator View on Amazon

With this sturdy French Press Coffee Maker by Coffee Gator, you can enjoy a steaming cup anywhere you relax. This insulated French Press keeps coffee hotter longer so you can rest as long as you’d like.

Get Organized

Rest and Relaxation Starts with Taking the Hassle Away

bonVIVO View on Amazon

Not being organized can add stress on top of stress. Keep your coffee pods within reach – with the Kafono Nespresso Coffee Pod Holder by bonVIVO. This holds up to 25 pods for easy access and instant gratification.

Tea It Up

Turn to Tea For Something Different

bonVIVO View on Amazon

Maybe you like to have some variety in your caffeinated self-care indulgence or you’re looking for some calming herbal tea. Steep a cuppa in this fashionable TEMPA Tea Infuser by bonVIVO.

Forget the Single Pour

This Espresso Machine Lets You Have Shots On Shots On Shots of Espresso

bonVIVO View on Amazon

When one espresso is not enough or if you have caffeine loving guests, pick up the Intenca Stovetop Espresso Maker Luxurious Italian Coffee Machine by bonVIVO. This creates five-to-six cups of espresso on any stovetop.

Pour Yourself a Drink

Have Fun in the Kitchen by Making Your Favorite Coffee Drink with This Milk Frother Pitcher

bonVIVO View on Amazon

Have you ever just looked at your drip coffee and thought, “hmm, too plain”? When you’re feeling fancy, pull out all the stops with this Muvo Stainless Steel Milk Jug by bonVIVO and create until your heart’s content.

An Internet Favorite

Only 15 Seconds Until Coffee Heaven

Bean Envy View on Amazon

If your coffee machine doesn’t have a milk frother, it’s no worries! Turn to this Milk Frother by Bean Envy for your milk of choice. Making a cappuccino has never been easier – or more accessible.

A Top-Rated Find

Whip Up a Treat With this Milk Frother

Cafe Casa View on Amazon

Who says you have to stop at milk though? Whip up sweet cream and all the other delicious coffee toppings you love from the coffee shop with this Milk Frother by Cafe Casa. Sweet relaxation at last.

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