What is Cozmo?

What is Cozmo? Why are people going crazy over it? What does it do? Is it a Hatchimal? Well, people should be excited for Cozmo. Cozmo is a little robot made by Anki. Cozmo comes with a bunch of cool features. It can detect humans, emotions and it has variety of games he will play with you. People from all walks of life have been trying to get their hands on Cozmo. And we can see why.


You control Cozmo from an app, on iOS or Android or you can let Cozmo explore it’s surroundings. You can play games with Cozmo or you can just Cozmo learn about the world on his own. Cozmo has real expressions, based on any situation that it is in. Another great thing about Cozmo, it receives updates over time. So not only will Cozmo learn from you, but Cozmo will grow over time with these updates as well.


With Cozmo’s price point of $179.99, it might not seem practical, and you may shrug it off as another ‘holiday fad’. Regardless of the price being as high as it is, it has sold out at every restock from Amazon to Anki’s website. There have been a few restocks on Amazon in the last 12 hours. (This post was written on the 12/12. Availability is subject to change). If you’re looking to pick it up, head over to this Amazon page and keep an eye on it. If you want to see Cozmo in action. check out the video from Anki below.