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Verizon Unlimited Data is back. Now with free phone?

Thank God! Verizon came to their senses. They’ve decided to bring back their unlimited data plan, calling it ‘Verizon Unlimited’. For $80 a month, you get unlimited data, talk and text. $140 for two lines, $160 for three lines and $180 for four lines. Yesterday when we tweeted it, people were very happy.


Now, what is this free phone business? According to Cnet, there is an offer for a free phone. How? Well, first you would need to drop your current carrier, trade in your current phone and sign up to ‘Verizon Unlimited’. Then, you can select from an iPhone 7iPhone 7 plus, Galaxy S7 or one of the other 15 eligible phones. There is no time frame at the moment when the offer could end, so I would suggest getting over there asap! Click here for a store locator.