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Throwback Thursdays: Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

One of the biggest things people wondered when the Xbox One released was if there would be backwards compatibility. There were a ton of classics on the Xbox 360 that fans wanted to see, and the list keeps growing. Here are just a few of our’ “must-have” backwards compatible Xbox 360 games.



Mass Effect

Bioware created one of the best RPGs and redefined western RPGs in one, single game. Mass Effect is an amazing Sci-Fi RPG with tons of hours of gameplay, a great story and an amazing and alive universe. They blended RPG and Action and it really delivered. If you have any love for the sci-fi genre or space operas, then you need to do yourself a favor and pick this game up over on Amazon.


Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games Rockstar has ever developed. They took the Western setting to new levels, with deep and fun gameplay. Visually, this game stands the test of time. If you’re looking for a great and engaging story, pick up the game from Amazon.



Gears of War

Gears of War redefined third person shooters and had a ton of people glued in front of their TVs playing this game online. Gears of War gives you a good story, really fun gameplay and a good dose of violence. If you’re looking to grab a bundle that will keep you occupied for hours on end, pick it up over at Amazon.



Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the most beloved titles in the CoD franchise. The mulitplayer is based heavily upon the makings of Modern Warefare, but Treyarch put their own special touches on it. This game definitely has one of the best stories in the series, and delivers some serious Zombie-mode content. A definite must have for anybody that enjoys Call of Duty games. Pick it up here at Amazon.


Lost Odyssey (Disc Only)

Lost Odyssey gave life to turn-based RPGs when people felt that it couldn’t be done anymore. Lost Odyssey gives you a fun story with memorable characters and a revamp to turn-based-combat. If you’re looking for a quality JRPG with tons of hours and a great sense of adventure, pick it up here at Amazon.