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Throwback Thursday: The NES Classic Edition

The last few months, we’ve heard about the NES Classic Edition releasing November 11th. A great gift idea for young and old, giving us classic NES games for our newer TVs. It’s packed with 30 preloaded, original NES games like Metroid, Super Mario Brothers, a Classic Controller, and an HDMI cable in the box. This will be a must-have for anybody looking to itch their nostalgia fix this holiday season. Sadly, there is a catch..


Amazon has come out to say they will only be releasing “very limited quantities”.  Orders will be limited to one per customer and the 1-click order option will be fully disabled. Gamestop doesn’t even have pre-orders on it. So, we know what that means. This release will be a headache. If you’re looking toward to picking one up, we have an early link for it. Bookmark this link from Amazon. Keep an eye out for restocks.