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This VPN Will Never Log Your Activity – Just $34.99

Do you surf the Internet on your laptop or smartphone in cafes or airport lounges sometimes? Using public wi-fi can put your device at risk of threats from hackers and spies. Many people do use a VPN to combat this risk, but ironically, many VPNs still log your browsing movements, thus defeating the purpose of the VPN entirely! With VPNSecure, you won't have to worry about this. This VPN service assures that no activity will ever be recorded. So you can bypass georestrictions, surf your favorite sites, stream your favorite TV shows, and more -- without ever having to worry that your traffic is unencrypted, your location is being logged, or your device security is at risk. Connect up to five devices at a time to a single subscription. VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription was just price-dropped to $34.99, making it a serious steal.