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The Nintendo Switch

Announced this morning, after many leaks and speculation, The NX was finally revealed as the Nintendo ‘Switch’. For specs, Nvidia has confirmed the Switch will feature a custom Tegra processor. More information will be available soon.

The Switch doesn’t look like your regular big bulky console. It has a monitor that looks like it is between 6 to 7 inches wide. When you decide you want to play it on your TV, it slides into a dock. You can pull it out of the dock also if you want to be mobile, like a handheld.

The Controllers are interesting. They don’t look to be another gimicky Nintendo product. You can get a Switch pro, which is a regular controller. Nothing special there. The Joy-Con, on the other hand, that is where it gets interesting. You can break the Joy-Con apart into two pieces that you can play your games with. You can also connect the Joy-Con onto the sides of the Switch itself to make your mobile version of the Switch. Also, you can use the Joy-Con wirelessly. If you choose to use the Joy-Con wirelessly, you can give one side of the controller to a friend and play multiplayer. nintendo-switch-collage_1600-0

Another great thing about the Switch is the developer support. Over 50 developers are backing and creating titles for the Switch. A breath of fresh air from the Wii U’s lack of titles.  On the trailer, you see a new 3D Super Mario, Skyrim Remastered and even a look at what E-Sports can be with the Switch. Overall, a good direction for the console. cvn4fvlumaa0jfs

No price point has been announced. Only that the console will release in March 2017. When pre-orders are available for the Switch, we will provide them for your either here on our blog or on our twitter: @FatKidDeals