The Amazon Echo Dot

After being out of stock for a few months, the 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot is back. More affordable and just as good, if not better than before. Alexa now has a growing library of third party voice application skills. Now performing much better than the first generation Dot. A better microphone that can hear you a lot better over music or echo/background noise, which was a big gripe for first generation owners. It seems that they have listened and improved.



So what is ‘Alexa’? Alexa is Amazon’s cloud, voice activated virtual assistant. She functions similar to Siri. With the upgrade of microphones in the Dot, when Alexa hears the ‘wake word’, it is attentive and working to answer your request. You can ask Alexa to do everything from streaming music from Prime Music and Spotify to seting timers, looking up information, getting recipes for cooking and even call Uber or Lyft. There are over 3,000 third party voice apps that Alexa can use and that number is growing.


The new generation Echo Dot is a little smaller than the first generation. It includes new volume buttons and its also lighter. Another difference is, you can get it in white other than the standard color scheme. If you’re looking into picking up the new Amazon Echo Dot, pick up here from Amazon.