Tech Tuesday: The Playstation 4 Pro

Thinking about picking up a PS4 Pro? Hit the jump to see our thoughts!

Sony is releasing a brand new Playstation called the ‘Playstation 4 Pro’. It has a 1TB hard-drive and has better hardware than the standard PS4. They’re boasting that the PS4 Pro will display a higher resolution, better frame rate and better textures. All of this is completely up to the developer, because whichever game that will allow these features will require a free downloadable software patch. Now being that it is 4K and HDR compatible, this is a step in the right direction. It works with all PS4 games, apps and accessories, but it does NOT work with UHD 4k Blu-Ray discs, which would have been nice to have since it’s boasting 4K/HDR.  Sony did confirm that the PS4 Pro can SATA-III, which means you could install an SSD to take get quicker read times.


If you’ve been on the fence about picking up a PS4 and want to get the newest model, then this would be something to look into. Having the newest and best is always a good thing. For people who already have a PS4, there really isn’t that big of a difference to warrant the purchase unless you have a 4K tv already and are patient for the library of compatible 4K titles for the PS4 Pro to grow. You can currently pre-order the PS4 Pro right now from Amazon.