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Need to Shave Your Back? There’s a Shaver Designed Specifically to Do That

Look, some of us have hairy backs — there’s no judgment here. But reaching for that back shaver at the drugstore is a different story, and it may not feel like a safe space when the cashier is giving you the judgmental eye. Here, we know that there’s no shame in wanting to keep a clean-shaven back. That’s why we provide the BaKblade 2.0 Back Shaver, a patented back and body shaver that will give you a quick, smooth, and nick-free shave. The ergonomic S-shaped design feels comfortable in your hand, and the flexible shaver collapses halfway to give you easier maneuvering in those hard-to-reach spots. Plus, the retractable shaver folds in half, making it great to discreetly throw in your gym bag or bring with you on trips. It also comes with a cleaning brush to keep the blade hygienic. Don’t go to the drugstore for your back shaver — try out the BaKblade 2.0 Back Shaver in our judgment-free zone for just $16.99.