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Launch a career as a white hat hacker in 2018

Want to start a new career in 2018? Consider ethical hacking, one of the most sought after positions at the moment! The Ultimate White Hat Hacker 2018 Bundle can be yours, and best of all, you can pay whatever price you want for it. Ethical hackers are playing a big role in many organizations’ efforts to improve data security. Want to become one of them and launch a lucrative career? The courses in this bundle will teach you how to adopt best practices when securing a network. You’ll also learn how to anticipate hackers’ actions and take preventive measures accordingly. Plus, all the studying will be perfect preparation for the CISSP — it’s one of the top security certifications in the world. Launch a new career as a white hat hacker. How does payment for the bundle work? Pay what you want, and if it’s lower than the average price, you’ll still walk away with a great chunk of the bundle. If you beat the average price, you’ll get the entire bundle. And if you beat the leader’s score, you’ll be entered into a great giveaway.