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Keep This Ultra-Bright Flashlight Around for Emergencies

It’s always good to have a flashlight on hand, whether your home gets a power outage or your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere at night. But cheap, unreliable flashlights are about as good as having no flashlights at all. That’s where Army Gear Tactical Flashlight is different. They’re military-grade flashlights with an ultra-bright 800-lumen output that can let you see for miles into the distance, thanks to five lighting modes (full, median, low, strobe, and SOS). The body is weatherproof and durable, thanks to the titanium allow design that also makes this device lightweight and portable. The tactical head also doubles as a tool that can be used to shatter glass in an emergency or even defend yourself against an attack. If and when an emergency arises, you’ll be glad to have this flashlight around. The Army Gear Tactical Flashlight is yours for $17.99, and you get two with each order.