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Is your mattress right for the way you sleep? Take a short Sleep Quiz for $150 off your perfect match-ress!

To live your best life, you need the energy to keep yourself going. It all starts in the bedroom, and by that we mean those precious eight hours of slumber — and the mattress underneath you.


The truth is that in today’s saturated online mattress market, it’s difficult to sift through the promises of “the best sleep of your life” and “award-winning comfort.” The most important details are often clouded by those extreme promises, and old fashioned individual preferences are often left out of the equation. The science of sleep is complex and takes years of education to truly understand, so how can we be expected to separate the wheat from the chaff? All you want is a good night’s sleep.


We all sleep differently and no single mattress is universally comfortable. Helix Sleep, a rising star in the online mattress community, understands the rigor of finding the right mattress for you and only you. Its mission is to simplify the process of discovering your ideal mattress. It starts by taking a short Sleep Quiz which then matches you to the best mattress of you based on your preferences and needs.


So what type of sleeper are you?


Here are some of Helix’s mattresses built for specific types of sleepers:


For the back sleeper who prefers a harder surface…The Dawn


Perhaps you grew up camping and have nostalgia for laying outside under the stars. Designed with proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam and High-Grade Polyfoam, this mattress provides ergonomic support to accommodate a body that enjoys the supine position. Check out the Dawn here.


For the cuddly side sleeper who needs plush…The Sunset


For the more cuddly sleeper, this mattress features a Memory Plus Foam layer which supports the pressure points that side sleepers normally toss and turn to relieve with a plush, cloudlike feel. Eliminate those morning aches in your shoulders and hips, and check out the Sunset.


For the person with a bigger figure…The Nightfall


Designed for plus size customers who need maximum support and durability, the Nightfall has an additional layer of high density foam and is 12 inches tall to ensure the right amount of cradle and support. A blissful night of sleep awaits with The Nightfall.


In honor of Labor Day weekend, Helix is offering $100-$150 in savings. Head over to their site to get matched with a mattress sure to revolutionize your lifestyle.


Be warned, you may experience unprecedented energy levels and Helix takes full responsibility.