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Encrypt Your Online Activity with VPNSecure — for Life

The Internet may not be much safer than the real world, as evidenced by recent high-profile spying and hacking scandals. But you can encrypt your web traffic and keep your identity hidden online with VPNSecure. This VPN logs none of your online activity, ensuring your information and data will never fall into the wrong hands or be seen by prying eyes. It also allows you to bypass geolocation restrictions that certain countries impose — meaning you’ll be able to stream Netflix and Hulu with ease no matter where in the world you’re watching from.

With the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality, the future of the Internet remains uncertain. February 27 is the day of Operation #OneMoreVote, and if the movement garners enough support, a Senate vote might just reverse the FCC’s decision. But no matter what the outcome of the operation ends up being, you can safeguard your online privacy with VPNSecure. Get it for life for just $39.99.